About us

Our names are Simone, Domenico and Gennaro, we live in Puglia, Italy, and we work for IT companies.

Here is a brief description of each of us:

Simone, born in 1985, is the mathematician of the team. Keen on mathematics since childhood, he knew the Goldbach’s conjecture in 2000, during the third year of the scientific high school, thanks to his maths teacher. Since then, he studied it and ended up with building a new mathematical theory, called dashed line theory, on which he would like to base the proof of the conjecture. After the high school diploma, he devoted himself to the study of computer science, taking the master degree in 2008. After two years of work as a researcher in the bioinformatics field, at the end of the research project he found a new job as analyst programmer, a position that he still holds. In the spare time he never stopped to devote himself to mathematics and so, in 2010, he published on the web a complete form of the dashed line theory. Since then he set it aside for deepening the mathematical studies, first as a self-learner and then at university, finally taking the bachelor degree in Mathematics in 2018. Then he further developed the dashed line theory with the help of Domenico and Gennaro, but without arriving at a proof of the conjecture. Today he devotes himself mainly to the study and the divulgation of number theory, in particular of everything about prime numbers, without losing sight of the final goal, that is the proof of the Goldbach’s conjecture.

Domenico, born in 1982, is a computer scientist. He first bumped into the Goldbach’s conjecture almost by chance, while studying at university for one of the maths exams that undermined his academic carreer; he was immediately intrigued by the fact that in mathematics, that until that time he had believed a science in which if you know that two plus two is four you also know why, there were matters yet unsolved, and for such a long time. After having obtained the master degree in Computer Science in 2006, he found a job in the same company where a few years later Simone and Gennaro were employed: and so, for a strange joke of fate, the Goldbach’s conjecture came back to peep out into his life. Concerning the scientifical activity about Dashed line Theory, he is supporting Simone in its development, in particular with the validation of the results that progressively are being obtained, also with a series of programs, since the theory has also numerical implications, and nothing is better than a program for working with a big quantity of numbers and analyzing them. Concerning this site, he is devoted to revision the pages of more strictly mathematical character written by Simone, and to the writing of other less technical pages.

Gennaro, born in 1979, is a computer scientist. Since the first dialogues with Simone about Goldbach’s conjecture, he did all he could for setting up a work team that could support Simone in such a difficult task. Not being a mathematician, since the beginning he devoted himself mainly to define and check the quantitative and qualitative standards of the contents produced by the work team, and to organize the team web site for internal and external communication.