Complementary material

Number theory is a subject that uses many results of other mathematical subjects, first of all analysis, but also algebra and geometry. For this reason the courses about number theory are generally targeted to students who already have a solid knowledge of the other mathematical subjects at academic level, therefore to mathematically expert people. Our approach is substantially opposite, because we regard number theory as the main subject of study, and we introduce specific concepts from other subjects only when needed. So we created some “complementary”, i.e. supporting, posts. We gather them into this path and you’ll find them inserted in the appropriate points inside the other paths.

The path

We’ll call this section a “path” because the posts are listed in the suggested reading order; however, as we explained above, they constitute more a collection than a path. They are less complete and detailed than the posts about number theory, because their aim is simply to convey some concepts and some key techniques of other subjects which turn out to be useful for the development of number theory, without any presumption of completeness and organicity.

Map of paths for number theory
General introduction to paths