Our proof strategies

Currently, there are several attempts to prove the Goldbach’s conjecture, which are complete, in the sense that they come to the conclusion, but contain a series of problems, so they have not been considered valid by the international community. We instead propose some proof strategies, which are still far from being complete, but already contain interesting and unrefuted (so far) intermediate results. We hope this material will be a useful starting point for who, like us, has started looking for a proof.

In the pages listed below, we will try to make an overview of the directions in which our search for the demonstration is moving, also deepening some particular aspects. For completeness, we report the links to all the pages of this section, but we do not recommend reading them in the order in which they are listed, because research is by its nature a messy process that is ill-suited to any attempt, albeit useful, to fix a specific order. We therefore advise you to start from the first page of the list and move on to the next ones through the links contained within the text, following those that you deem most interesting from time to time. This type of navigation, typical of the web, is much more suited to the nature of the content that we offer, compared to a purely sequential reading.

During the navigation, you will find highlighted some aspects which are still open points, and that can be starting points for further insights. We are not able to go into all of them, therefore we would be very pleased to receive contributions from the outside. If you plan to contribute, remember that we have given away some prizes for those who manage to solve some of these open points.

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