This page introduces some tools we have developed for supporting our research and, potentially, other people’s one.

Dashed line viewer
Through this tool, you can view the dashed line matching to a given number, together with some statistics.
Goldbach pairs viewer
This tool allows viewing all Goldbach pairs in which an even number can be decomposed. The search can be done either for a single number, or for a range, comparing, in the latter case, the pairs of all even numbers it contains. The result can be exported into a text file.
Crivello di Eratostene bidimensionale
This tool allows viewing a “bidimensional” version of the sieve of Eratosthenes applied to a given number. Differently from its classic version, the result is shown as a two-way table, in which rows and columns are labeled with all numbers up to the given one, with their sum at intersections; like in the traditional sieve of Eratosthenes, all composite numbers are excluded. Clicking on a cell, all other ones containing the same sum are highlighted. The table can also be exported in different format, so it can be analyzed more deeply.
This tool allows decomposing a number into its prime factors, and computing the value of some functions related to them, for example the sum of its divisors or the value of Möbius’s μ function.